The celebration of craftsmanship

We started as a bespoke leather service making hand-crafted artisanal leather goods. The growing interests in artisanal craft over the years has built a reputation for the company among individual and corporate clients that appreciate the fine art of leather making.

Tailored to help you appeal to your guests, our services subtly complements your brand and delight your customers through an engaging exchange. Working closely with you, we will exclusively design and produce that special piece for your campaign or event. The designs will reflect your company’s values and an appreciation of your esteemed guests.

Show them you care

Reflecting your utmost appreciation of your guests, Pesakraf serves them with an engaging experience that is exclusively tailored to the mood of your events.

A meaningful surprise

Pesakraf Live Personalisation has been a delight in many prestigious events serving mostly clients that seek to appeal to a luxury market. We provide an exquisite selection of leather goods that are made specially for your event.

Guests are able to witness their monogram being stamped on their gifts firsthand either in gold, silver or blind stamp using portable 1950s Kingsley stamping machines that will bring a touch of vintage class to any event.

Set in motion, indulge and delight your guests in these conversation pieces with a classic twist that sets you apart and makes your event unlike any other;  turning automotive launchings, corporate dinners, fashion shows, product launchings and others into a one-of-a-kind experience.


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A unique experience

Add a special touch to your events with leather crafts that engages the crowd. Suitable for staff or client appreciation, The Leather Experience is a way of treating your guests with an immersive and relaxing session of personally assembling the gifts themselves. It can be arranged at a location convenient to your guests as a half-day or full-day event.

Preserving craftsmanship

Pesakraf aspires to continue the long tradition of leather making that is deeply rooted in Malaysia. Once known for our skills in leather crafts, the art has been kept alive by  enthusiast craftsmen that continues to operate as independent ateliers, serving those who continue to see the beauty in the leather.