Live Personalisation

As companies that seek to create a pleasing ambience for their guests, our clients will work closely with Pesakraf in setting up a live personalisation station at their events. A live personalisation station is aimed to encourage your guests to actively engage with your brand and introduces them to fine leather craftsmanship.

This unique memorable experience is an excellent conversation starter that they will cherish even after the event. They get to personally experience the personalisation process being done during the event  and will be delighted to bring home their personalised gift.

< 100 pieces

Two (2) stamping stations

Two (2) craftsmen for personalisation process

One (1) hostess to explain the process or engaged with guests

90 minutes – 2 hours

< 500 pieces

Four (4) stamping stations

Four (4) craftsmen for personalisation process

One (1) hostess to explain the process/engaged with guests

2 hours

> 501 pieces

Upon requirement

The Leather Experience

Add a special touch to your events with leather crafts that engages the crowd. Suitable for staff or client appreciation, The Leather Experience is a way of treating your guests with an immersive and relaxing session of personally assembling the gifts themselves.

The Leather Experience can be arranged at a location convenient to your guests, as a half-day or full-day event.

1-Hour Session

Involved lesson and practical steps in glueing or attaching fastener and personalising small leather goods. Session includes tips on leather goods cleaning & care.

Suitable for large number of guests per sessions during corporate function.

40 – 50 pax / session

Leather Key Fob

Pre-cut leather pieces are provided for 2 types of key fobs. Participants will learn how to assemble the key fobs by making holes and attaching fasteners, glueing the key fobs together. Initials can be stamped on finished items.

3-Hours Session

Involved lesson and practical steps in cutting, attaching fastener and finishing small leather goods.

Suitable for guests during corporate function.

20 – 30 pax / session

Leather Card Holder / Phone Sleeve

Participants will learn how to cut leather pieces, glueing and sewing techniques to make card holder/ phone sleeve. Lesson also includes stamping the finished item with personalised initials.

5-Hours Session

Involved lesson and practical steps in cutting, sewing and finishing small leather goods.

Suitable for an exciting and unique in-staff training.

15 – 20 pax / session

Bespoke Leather Goods

Please contact us at for exact price quotes on the sessions.

Corporate Gifts

From designing to packaging, we personally attend to each meticulous step from within the our atelier to ensure the finest quality. Be it a small order or a production in the thousands of pieces, our craftsmen aim to deliver goods that are enduring in design and construction.

Clients can choose from one of our existing designs covering wide ranges of leather accessories or have us design unique items to reflect your company’s image and values. All the materials are carefully selected and source from all over the world.. We strive to deliver you a wide range of leather finishes, prints and colours, to suit your unique requirements.

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